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    Chapter "E", Stones River Wings, received it's Chaptership Charter from the National Gold Wing Road Riders Association, to begin operation on January 1, 2016. The charter was presented to the Chapter by District Directors Gary and Patti Hamilton, at our social on January 9, 2016.
There were initially thirty-nine CHARTER MEMBERS of Chapter "E" through the period of the first 60 days of the Chapter's existence.

First Chapter Newsletter (Volume 1, Issue 1) published in February 2016, a consolidated January and February edition.

April 2016 - Captured Middle/West Tennessee Traveling Sectional Plaque during visitation to Chapter A.

May 2016 - Chapter received awards from Chapter N during their annual Fun Day for "Largest Chapter in Attendance" and "Greatest Aggregate Mileage Traveled".

September 2016 - As a result of Chapter fund raising event, presented a $9000.00 donation to St Judes Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, during the Wings Across Tennessee Annual event.

November 2016 - Captured Middle/West Tennessee Traveling Sectional Plaque during visitation to Chapter S.

November 2016 - Captured Tennessee District Traveling Plaque during visitation to Chapter H.

December 2016 - Walter and Barbara Donnell selected as 2017 "Chapter Couple of the Year", the first Couple of the Year for Chapter E.

December 2016 - Jim Sterling selected as 2017 "Chapter Individual of the Year", the first recipient of this award.

December 2016 - David and Nancy Broadway recipients of the 2016 High Mileage Award, Traveling 16,413 miles by motorcycle during 2016.

2016 Overview: Chapter Gatherings, 11 events, seating 254 participants & 192 guests; Other Meetings, 11 events, seating 202 participants; Training Events seating 42 participants; Chapter Fun Events 52 events, 534 participants & 36 guests; Rallies & Fun Days, 5 events, 92 participants; Visits to Sister Chapters, 27 visits, seating 285 participants. Motorist Awareness Events included Tennessee Auto Swap Meet, Clarksville, TN Veteran's Day Parade and the Smyrna, TN Christmas Parade. Total Events 111, with 1338 Chapter Participants and 230 guests.


Randy & Delores Galloway
Reagan Sweeney
Ed & Mary Ann Grazier
Tanner Petra
Walter & Barbara Donnell
Jim & Brenda Sterling
Jeff & Geraldine Jones
Michael & Rene Victory
Kateland Victory
Rick & Connie Smith
Geoffrey Donnell

Dillan Victory
Steve Thomas & Dianne Lamb
Graison Sweeney

Dalton McKee

Mac & Janice McGlothlin

Murray Dunkin

Barry & Connie Glenn

Johnny Victory & Brenda Lane

Dennis & Marty Wolfe

David & Nancy Broadway
Tim & Carol Moore

Tim Sullivan

Walter Donnell II

Johnny Victory Jr.
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January 2017 - Chapter E awarded the Tennessee District Shirley Burton Memorial Spirit Award based on the participation, enthusiasm and fun enjoyed by Chapter participants during 2016